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DIY beauty : 5 ways to use coconut oil

coconut oil cream

When browsing my local store recently, I came across a massive pot of coconut oil. I was surprised to find it there because I thought you usually would find coconut oil in more glamourous, health savvy shops – this was just the corner store I buy late night Haagen-Dazs from. Anyway, I underestimated eastern cuisine because according to the Turkish salesman it is often used in place of other oils – so healthy !

For a long time, I used coconut oil for cooking, too. I stopped cooking with olive oil after hearing it was cancerogenic and didn’t like to use other oils because of their stronger taste. Coconut oil was the perfect solution : it melts in seconds, cooks lighter healthier food and only has a subtle taste. I don’t know why I stopped using coconut oil to cook, I just ran out and never topped up…! So naturally when I saw the great big pot (for only £2.19 !) at the corner store, I grabbed it and shoved it in my basket. Healthy cooking, here I am again !

Cooking is not all coconut oil is good for – I have used it on my body before too. In fact I would often combine the two, rubbing oil into my hands to give them a deep moisturize at the same time as plonking some in the pan… I just love the way it melts in a split second on contact with your skin, it’s almost fun to watch ! So I thought I would explore a little more now coconut oil and I are back in touch. I feel that including more of it in my beauty routine would be a healthy and economic choice as well as home-spa bliss !

These five DIY beauty recipes take no time to prepare and only need very basic ingredients – in fact, often no more than just coconut oil. I hope you get to try them out at home, I can guarantee your skin and hair will benefit from regular use !


coconut oil lip balm DIY

All you need is coconut oil and a small pot to carry around with you.
Coconut oil is the ideal lip balm : it will stay hard in the pot but will melt into a smooth oil as soon as you dip in your fingertip. Keep a pot in your coat pocket at all times and spread on throughout the day for luscious lips.

Bonus : It even tastes good !


coconut hand cream diy

For this recipe you will need 50% coconut oil and 50% beeswax. Melt down your beeswax in a plastic pot over boiling water. Towards the end, add in your coconut oil. Mix the two together and pour into a small pot. Scoop up and rub into dry hands for a hydrating treatment.

Home Sweet Home : Leave a pot next to the tap so that you remind yourself to hydrate on a regular basis after washing your hands !


coconut body butter diy homemade

Whip your coconut oil with an electric bleneder. Adding air to the oil makes it light and silky making a softer cream to use so that you can just scoop it up and splat it on ! This is my favorite one of the 5 🙂


homemade coconut hair oil diy

Use coconut oil in the same way you would argan oil or shop bought hair oil. I like to rub a decent amount into my scalp a couple of hours before washing my hair (sexy, I know). This literally feeds the hair, thickening it and strengthening it at the roots. I also automatically rub oil between my hands and onto the tips of my hair after drying it – this smoothes it and help repair and avoid split ends.

Warning : Make sure you don’t use more than a tiny drop of oil, you don’t to go out with greasy hair no matter how healthy it is !


homemade make up remover diy

Melt down your oil on low heat. Remove from heat and add in almond oil or baby oil (use 75% coconut oil and 25% almond/baby oil). Pour the mix into a pot and leave to set. To remove your make-up at night, simply scoop up a small amount of remover, melt between your fingertips and spread over your eyes and face. Massage your face, softly rubbing in that oil. Now wash your face or use cotton wool to remove your make-up.

Psssst – You can use the same oil again to moisturize.

And so that’s the story of how I got a home spa for just £2.19 !



  • Di says:

    Hey, I love your post about the coconut oil. I live in France now, can you tell me where did you find the oil?

  • Tia says:

    I love the uses for coconut oil! I’m recently discovering all of the good things it does to my hair and glad I can add more uses for it. But my question is about the Olive Oil? Where did you here that it’s a carcinogen? I was under the impression that it’s one of the healthiest oils, now I’m concerned.

    • aimee says:

      Hi Tia
      Apparently it is when it’s heated… Not sure how acurate this is yet, wainting to hear more ! Definitely healthy when unheated though ! xx

  • Judy says:

    Thanks for these great recipes. In case you ever use the microwave to heat coconut oil or any other oil, or food, as far as that goes, don’t, because it modifies the genetic makeup of the oil, which renders it far less beneficial than wben it is in it’s natural form. Instead, use a double boiler, or just use a regular pan on top of the stove.