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DIY embellished top : cord appliqué

DIY embellished topFinally time for a new fashion project, a new beautiful DIY embellished top ! I’ve badly missed customising clothes over these past few weeks and ideas have been invading my notebook ! This is probably one of the last Winter DIYs we’ll be having for Autumn/Winter 2012 – Spring is on its way and there are so many new trends to pick up and play with !

Meanwhile, this DIY was inspired by an appliqued mesh top by ALICE by TEMPERLEY. It also reminds me of military clothes because of the cord embellishment soldiers often have on their shoulder pads and chests. I like the combination of pinks I went for which is a softer choice than the red and white in the original design.cord embellishementTo embellish my sweater, all I did was chop a long piece of cord and fold it in half. starting from the middle and working towards one end of the cord, I gradually glued it to the sweater with fabric glue, creating a swirly design as I went by. When I’d finished one side of the front design, I worked my way from the same centre point back out towards the other end, creating a symmetrical design along the way by copying the shapes I had already created on the first half. I also added a ripple of cord embellishment to the shoulders and upper arms to complete the look.embellishmentWhat do you think ? What else could we use this same technique on ?? I’m thinking a bag maybe, or why not a belt…

I’ll show you the sweater worn in an outfit very soon !