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Which lipstick to choose for white teeth :D

white teeth

New Year’s Eve approaches – that night when you have to be the prettiest in town – so I thought this beauty trick would come in handy.

Ever since my teenage years, I’ve tried to make the most of make-up to enhance a natural look. I’m not into anything too heavy but love to see a smiley face with just a touch of make-up to brighten it up. Although I wouldn’t say this is the most natural looking lipstick my collection holds, I definitely think it does the job of enhancing a natural smile, and that’s because IT MAKES YOUR TEETH LOOK WHITE ! There’s nothing like a beautiful grin and for this a bright, shiny lippy is the perfect tool. Even though darker colours are often tempting, you’ll find they never quite give you that glowing expression. So for a Colgate worthy smile, pick out a smashing red or a lively pink !

You’ll have the cutest smile around and 2013 will be your best mate 🙂

white teeth

As you can see above, your smile will be stunning with a bright red lip !

white teeth