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How to wrap Christmas presents : 5 ideas for making gifts personal

christmas wrapping ideas

If you haven’t had time to make your own gifts this year or found the perfect prezzies in store, why not make Xmas personal when you wrap ? The small things make all the difference and when somebody gives you a specially wrapped gift it makes you feel extra warm inside – and that’s what Christmas is all about, right ?! So here are a few ideas I have put together hoping to inspire you to make each and every one of your presents special.

How to wrap Christmas presents

1 : Use masking tape

Colourful masking tape is all the rage at the moment so give it a go when you’re wrapping. It’s much nicer than see-through tape and can make any boring paper look good. Mess around with shades and shapes so that each gift looks just right !

2 : Make paper snowflakes !

This is one you can get your kids to join in with 🙂 Chop up pieces of white paper to make pretty shapes (if you don’t know how, here’s a good vid) and use them to decorate your wrapping. Think of sticking on numerous small flakes or decorating the whole gift with one big one tied on with couloured string…

3 : Pom pom girl

I warned you yesterday when I posted my “How to make pom poms FAST” video, I am decorating my gifts with yarn this year ! I think a bright coloured pom pom looks darling on top of a special girly gift and I have wrapped extra wool around the brown paper to give it style.

4 : Don’t forget name tags…

Even if you don’t have time to spare to think about wrapping, pop a tag on each gift to make it personal. Write your friends names or cute quotes, or why not a clue to what’s inside…

5 : Finally, use stickers !

There are so many cute stickers out there : pretty ones, quirky ones, funny ones, colourful ones… I found this pretty lace tape and old type letters and in just a few seconds I had a personalised gift for my friend 🙂

I hope you feel inspired by these ideas and will have fun wrapping your own gifts when the time comes – I’d love to see what you make of it, come and post piccies on my Facebook page !

Take care and think beautiful ! xx