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How to make a pom pom FAST (and like a rockstar !)

Comment faire un pompon

Hello !

First of all, I’d like to thank you all for your enthusiasm for yesterday’s DIY ! I knew you’d love that DIY glitter collar tutorial, it’s just perfect for the season 🙂

I’ve been preparing tomorrow’s post and thought you might like one of the techniques I used in the process… So here it is, my weird and wonderful way to make pom poms ! It is literally the fastest how to make a pom pom tutorial you will come across, and probably the easiest too ! I especially like it because the hand shape makes me feel like a rock star. One of my secret dreams is to one day become a rockstar, so I’ve been sitting here all day dreaming with my two fingers and thumb in the air… But then realising I’m just a pompom maker. Sob.

DIY video (warning : hardcore music !) :

And in just a few minutes you have a super duper pom pom 🙂

how to pom poms

guirlande pompon


But why on earth did I need pom poms, you may ask ? Come back tomorrow and you’ll see !