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DIY : Vintage (faux) fur collar

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Finally it’s only 3 months until Christmas and it feels wintery enough for me to show you a DIY I’ve been looking forward to for weeks : A vintage fur collar put together in minutes ! I made two different collars, one pointy one to go over my new red coat and one ermine style rounded one to go over my vintage Hobbs jacket. Both have ribbons to tie them on and this is for two reasons, A/ I think it’s cute and B/ It’s quicker and easier than a button and button hole.

To make your own Vintage Fur Collar, YOU WILL NEED :

– A jacket with a collar you like

– A piece of (faux) fur (with 0.5m I had plenty of fabric to make more than two)

– 80 cm of matching ribbon

– Two drops of fabric glue (or two tiny tabs of fusible webbing)

– Scissors

– A piece of chalk

Here is how to do it yourself :

1 : Place yours jacket flat down on the back of the fur fabric and sketch around it with the chalk. Make sure you have the fur the right way around so that it brushes down towards your feet and not up towards your face !

2 : Remove the jacket, leaving you with a semi-circle. This is the inside circle, the part that will be against your neck.

3 : Now draw your collar in the desired shape drawing out from the semi-circle to create a collar shape.

3 : Cut out the collar making sure you stick close to the back fabric with your scissors, sneaking up through the fur instead of chopping it all off. This way your fur will stay nice and shabby on the border.

4 : Shake your fur outside before it makes your whole house fluffy !

4 : Cut two pieces of ribbon approx. 40cm long each. Stick one on each side with the glue or web.

Tip : If you find that the cut fur is bitty even after you have shaken it, spray it with hairspray. This should avoid all the furry hair going everywhere. I also highly recommend washing your fur collar separately if you don’t want a major “tissue in washing machine” type disaster !

And the result :

I’m thinking matching DIY cuffs are needed… What do you think ?!

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