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Spring layers

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It’s Spring ! Here goes another fabulous fashion show of thirst quenching shades and healthy hews ! But remember what I said about Fashion with a Brain ?

Google Spring 2012 – Marimekko

It’s sad to say English women are known for their bare legs covered in goose bumps. In other words, the British tend to dress according to the calendar rather than to the actual weather – I guess we could plead wishful thinking ! Unfortunately, this ends in fashion victims running around in the rain with half their body on show… After living in France for 10 years, I can assure you this is not a positive image in the fashion industry. It may be sunny, the sky may be blue and yes, it may well be March 20th, but it’s not exactly scorching, is it ? Don’t get me wrong, I get excited about summertime too and already have a wardrobe of clothes I can’t wait to take for a ride… But let’s give the sun the time to wake up and keep ourselves warm for now.

A fun way to make the most of this inbetweener of a season ? LAYERING! Layering is a great fashion tool and has definitely been used as a marketing one as far as the brand Amercian Vintage is concerned. Minimalist, quality clothes, worn over the top of each other creating a beautiful rainbow of fabrics and tones… Extra fashion fun, make the most of it ! And of course it’s handy when the weather is playing up too – if you get too hot whip it off, if you get the chills pull it back on again. For some smooth fashion ideas, download American Vintage’s Spring/Summer Lookbook.


How about you keep reading until Summer ?

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