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Walk of Fame Wedges

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Here is my first DIY post in the Feet category and I have to say I am pretty proud. I have called them my Walk of Fame Wedges, for obvious reasons, and love the way they shine even in day light ! The blue goes with a lot of my clothes and easily suits denim slims. It is also particularly in this summer so I will definitely be getting some use out of these beauties ! They’re high but easy enough to walk in so I will be showing them around London ASAP.


To make your own Walk of Fame Wedges YOU WILL NEED :

– A pair of wedges, I went for these from H&M, £24,99

– Some tiny shiny stars, I used about 400 on each shoe I think and bought 1,000 for £1.60 at Creative Beadcraft

– Some craft glue, I used Appli Glue

– A touch of creativity

– 5 hours of your time and a good album to listen to (a few times over!)


Apply the glue in tiny dots onto the wedge of your shoe. Hold the shoe upside down with your hand inserted like a foot if it helps. I dabbed the glue on with a cocktail stick to make sure there was not too much on the shoe.

Once you have covered a few centimeters of wedge with dots of glue, carefully stick a star to each dot. Press down each star with the flat end of the cocktail stick.


Do the same all over each wedge until fully covered.


Leave to dry and wear !



– Blouse by Louche @ Joy

– Jeans by Next

– Walk of Fame Wedges by Clones ‘N’ Clowns

Note 1 : If you get bored don’t give up ! Do something else for a while and come back to them in a couple of days, they’re worth it…

Note 2 : Keep reading my blog.